How To Increase Blog Traffic By 150%

Get More Traffic To Your Blog

get more traffic

5 Tips that can generate massive amounts of traffic to your blog.


Great Content Creation

how to get more traffic

1. Make content rich posts with video (youtube) and a substantial amount of text with your keywords throughout your posts to help your search engine rankings. Youtube is a tool that can drive traffic to your blog on its own. Make sure you are linking your blog in your vlogs.

Youtube can single handedly boost your websites traffic, because youtube is a search engine within itself. Ranking youtube videos is much easier than ranking blog posts, so why not do both?

Youtube works like Google in a sense. The more Views, likes, shares, and interaction your video gets, means the more likely google will recommend your videos for the people searching for it by keyword. This not only pertains to the youtube search algorithm, but Google also.


How Social media can increase blog traffic

get more traffic to your blog

2. Google rankings have become a popularity contest, to get a higher search ranking you have to have high traffic, and people to interact with your content. Make calls to action such as a “like” button or a “share” button on your posts.

When you publish a post, update all of your social networks. You can easily do this using a social bar which lets you share content from your blog fast and easily. This is a good way to build your backlinks and organic traffic. You can also put your blog on autopilot by using Postplanner for facebook or FutureTweets for twitter. This gives you the ability to post when you don’t have the time, or a chance to get in the office.


“How To”


3. If you know of a way to do something more efficiently online, or even in life, post about it. People are always looking for tutorials or “how to” videos, and that can increase your audience drastically.  Be creative with your “how to” post. You can determine which post will be more beneficial in terms of traffic by using Google keyword planner. 



Guest Posting And Link Wheels 

4. Guest posts are a great way to give your audience great content when you don’t have time to blog, or you find an article that you really like.

The best way to get posts is by using Atcontent. Keep your posts relevant to your website or anything that pertains to your lifestyle on a daily basis.’

Link Wheels are created taking content and linking it to other articles that have the same keywords or key phrases using hyperlinks. This can be time consuming, but it can help your SEO, and get more people to find your website.

Good websites to create link wheels are squidoo, blogger, tumblr, blogspot, and reddit.


Offer Value

get traffic to your blog

5. Don’t just blog to get to the top of the Google search engine, blog to help people find the content that will be useful to them. That alone will get you more traffic to your website. People love value!

When you have great content, you can generate massive amounts of traffic without Google. Social media and backlinks will help people locate your content. Once your content gets some momentum it can start dominating the search engines after you build up its popularity among the people looking for it.

Don’t rush anything you do…

If you don’t have the drive to create the content, take a break and come back to it. Blogging is useless if you aren’t working. You can have a couple of posts with extremely great and search engine friendly content, and it will do better than a website with a hundred blog posts but poor content.

I hope this article was able to give you better insight on how to increase your blog traffic naturally and build your reputation with Google.

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